Photos Credit: John R. Keys, Jr.

Central Oregon Research Coalition


    With the support of the following partners the Central Oregon Research Coalition (CORC) has evolved from an idea in 2012 to a model for developing other research coalitions around the state. Partners helped shape the the goals of this collaborative community effort- to ensure research best practices and to build capacity for research funding- and continue to support CORC in a variety of ways.

    Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

    OHSU has been a key supporter of CORC since its inception. The initial concept of CORC was developed by Dr. Jackilen Shannon, who moved to Bend in 2010 as an OHSU Associate Professor. After networking with those working in healthcare, cancer prevention as well as volunteering as a reviewer with the St. Charles Institutional Review Board she saw an opportunity to create a sustainable model in support of rigorous research efforts in the region.

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    At the time, OHSU saw the potential and encouraged her to build the concept into something tangible. OHSU’s ongoing support helped shape CORC into a framework that helps link central Oregon health partners with academic investigators, funding opportunities, technical assistance and training. In October 2104 OHSU established the Integrated Program in Community Research (IPCR) with the goal of extending the role of community across all OHSU institutional missions and extending the reach of OHSU into the community through the support of community research programs. Dr. Shannon was named the director of the IPCR and is working to build core resources to ensure the sustained engagement of OHSU research in communities throughout Oregon.Dr. Shannon also recently stepped into the role of Director of the Community Program in the OHSU Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI). This position allows Dr. Shannon to more rapidly link the extensive research training and support resources of this institute to the needs of researchers, clinicians and policy makers in Central Oregon.OHSU is also committed to supporting CORC in the form of program administration and employing a Community Liaison during the transition to a sustainable funding model.

    Oregon State University (OSU)- Cascades

    Researchers and faculty from OSU-Cascades joined CORC’s inception retreat in 2012. Susan Keys, OSU Associate Professor and Senior Researcher joined the leadership team in 2013 and was instrumental in conceptualizing CORC’s initial business plan and bringing the vision of CORC to OSU leadership. CORC continues to develop working relationships with OSU-Cascades administration and academic investigators; supporting the development of the OSU Biotech Incubator and working to address research related needs of faculty, staff and students. As partners, CORC and OSU-Cascades have developed strategies to create research training workshops for students and investigators as well as provide access to research resources.

    St. Charles Health System

    St. Charles was a joint sponsor of the first CORC retreat. St. Charles’ Research Department has a long-standing, experienced and credentialed pool of clinical research coordinators who have proven competence in the conduct of clinical trials in the Central Oregon clinic and hospital settings. St. Charles supports its own Institutional Review Board that meets once a month to review locally initiated clinical trials.

    OHSU Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute (OCTRI)

    OCTRI supported a $50,000 Request for Application via ‘CORC’s links to the Central Oregon community, with the purpose of linking an OHSU investigator to and in support of stated Central Oregon Health Council (COHC) needs. CORC and OCTRI have a strategic partnership that facilitates access to wide array of research resources and services (e.g. REDCap data collection tool, statistical analysis, evaluation design) Tto researchers and clinicians in Central Oregon.


    PacificSource was an enthusiastic joint sponsor for the first CORC meeting and has been one of CORC’s ongoing supporters since 2012. As the region’s financial arm of the Community Care Organization (CCO), Pacific Source has funded a number of locally developed healthcare transformation projects. They currently contract research services through CORC for technical assistance in the development of measurable objectives and metrics toward the goal of effective and comprehensive project evaluation.

    Central Oregon Health Council (COHC)

    The Central Oregon Health Council (COHC) is a not-for-profit, public and private community governance entity and is dedicated to improving the health of the region and providing oversight of the Medicaid population and Coordinated Care Organization (CCO).  The COHC and PacificSource Community Solutions (PSCS) work together to transform health care in the region and to use integrated and coordinated health care systems to improve health; increase quality, reliability, availability, and continuity of care; and reduce the cost of care. CORC has successfully linked OHSU investigators to needs and projects identified by COHC.

    Pro Q Solutions

    Pro Q Solutions is a full-service agency of technically innovative SEO, IT and web developers. They assisted our team in designing web tools that are being used to leverage and expand a network of university and community and researchers across Oregon.  The “Find a Research Partner”  tool gives CORC a way to promote local research interests and expertise here in Central Oregon and provides an interactive statewide map of community research projects and researcher profiles.  It facilitates academic and community collaborations by giving users  access to a database  of potential partners that is searchable by research interest, project information, geographical location and organization.

    Oregon Translational Research and Development Institute (OTRADI)

    OTRADI supports and mentors our state’s vibrant and highly active community of biotech scientists. OTRADI has supported ongoing biotech efforts in Central Oregon and has also provided initial support of the CORC website.  CORC can also assist those in the biotech field when they wish to translate efforts into human subjects projects.

    Alpha-R Systems

    Alpha-R developed a presentation graphic for CORC that displays academic researchers, clinicians and community members with similar research interests, topics and health conditions. Alpha~R uses innovative network analytics to describe, evaluate and improve the structure and function of healthcare delivery teams and their extended community resource networks. This work has wide-ranging relevance for the effective implementation of population health and prevention services. Mark Loveless is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine in the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, OHSU. He is CEO and Science Director of Alpha~R Systems, a Portland research and consulting company.

    Center for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE)

    CORE is the research arm of Providence Health, is a non-profit research laboratory committed to improving community health. CORE conducts research across Oregon and in support of ongoing CCO efforts.