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Central Oregon Research Coalition

Our Services

    The OHSU Community Research Hub and CORC have built regional and statewide connections to incorporate research, training, networking and community forums that will help build Central Oregon’s capacity for grant funded research and ensure active community involvement in the research process.

    What types of expertise and research services can OHSU and CORC help with?

    Whether your project in the early stage of developing a research idea, in the end stage of reporting results, or somewhere in between, CORC can assist in matching community projects with resources locally  and beyond the community.  Below are some examples of how CORC has assisted in moving projects forward.  A complete list of  resources for Clinicians/ Researchers and Community Organizations can be found under Research Support.

    • Locating funding opportunities
    • Matching academic collaborators with community partners
    • Project design assistance
    • Grant writing assistance
    • Providing letters of support
    • Identifying and accessing biostatistical expertise
    • Consultation on regulations specific to human subjects research
    • Coordinating or leading training opportunities for research best practices

     Would you like to Request Project Assistance?

    Contact Community Liaison Laura Campbell at (541) 728.0665,  Email: or send us a CORC Project Assistance Request Form (fillable pdf form).

    Not sure how CORC can help?

    The OHSU Community Research Liaison provides a 60-minute in-person consultation to community members to help identify where we may assist in moving a research idea or project forward.

    Contact us at (541)728.0665 or Email:


    Connecting Community to the Research Process