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Central Oregon Research Coalition

For Community Organizations

    The OHSU Community Research Hub and CORC aim to encourage and support the development of research in Central Oregon and provides assistance and connections to expertise at every stage of the research process.

    CORC Community Liaison, Laura Campbell can help connect you and your project team to any of the following resources.
    Email: .
    Phone: 541.728.0665

    Find a Team

    When university and community organizations collaborate on research projects that address regional health issues, it helps build expertise that will remain as a resource in the community.  CORC understands that these partnerships are not always easy to find and can assist in finding complementary skills and expertise for organizations who regularly conduct research and those that are just getting started.
    More about Academic Collaborators

    Community members can also use the “Find a Research Partner” Tool to explore community research across Oregon.

    Tap into Resources

    CORC alerts members of regional funding opportunities that arise such as;  OHSU Pilot Funding through OCTRI and The Knight Institute, as well as opportunities from other funding sources.  We are in the process of compiling a variety of free, online resources on topics such as protecting human subjects and navigating the IRB, finding evidence based programs, analysis tools, dissemination guidance, training materials, checklists, and guiding principles.

    Services & Resources for Community Leaders/Organizations

    • Provide letters of support
    • Match community research need to academic researcher
    • Match community organization to academic researcher
    • Finding and applying for funding
    • Grant writing assistance
    • Active study/ problem solving/ recruitment etc.
    • Assess for accurate and clean data collection
    • Technical assistance
    • Arrange an Evaluation Consult

    Would you like to request assistance on your project?

    Contact Community Liaison Laura Campbell at (541) 728.0665,  Email: or send us a CORC Project Assistance Request Form (fillable pdf form).