Photos Credit: John R. Keys, Jr.

Central Oregon Research Coalition

For Clinicians/Researchers

    The OHSU Community Research Hub and CORC aim to encourage and support the development of research capacity in Central Oregon and provides assistance and connections to expertise at every stage of the research process.

    Would you like to request assistance on your project?

    Contact Community Liaison Laura Campbell at (541) 728.0665,  Email: or send us a CORC Project Assistance Request Form (fillable pdf form).

    Services & Resources for Academic and Clinician Researchers

    • Investigator Support
    • Arrange an Evaluation Consult
    • Access to Literature Search
    • Access to Pilot Data
    • Match academic researcher with complementary expertise and interests
    • Finding and applying for funding
    • Grant writing assistance
    • Project Design:
      • Gathering pre-award information
      • Biostatistical consultation
      • Project evaluation plan
      • Data analyses plan
    • Research Integrity (IRB , FDA)
    • Develop clean data collection tools
    • Implementation of Clinical Trials
    • Active study/ problem solving/ recruitment etc.
    • Assess for accurate and clean data collection
    • Technical assistance
    • Data cleanup
    • Data analyses
    • Biostatistical consultation
    • Manuscript preparation