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    Meeting Archives

    April 18th, 2017 CORC Meeting

    Employing Research Strategies to Address Homelessness in Central Oregon
    Our local project speaker, Monica Desmond, represented Central Oregon’s Homeless Leadership Coalition, known to many as the HLC. Monica spoke about the mission of the organization and their goals, as well as strategies they are utilizing to meet federal and state requirements. The HLC is moving forward with new methods to track progress. Monica shared why the organization chose to follow the evidence-based, Housing First model. Work for this project is being carried out by work groups of volunteers, which is why their partnership with CORC is important to support the evaluation needed for progress to happen. View Monica’s Presentation Slides.

    Dr. Julian Somers spoke about Vancouver’s federally-sponsored program to combat homeless using the Housing First model. His expertise on services provided alongside the Housing First model and their effectiveness gave our rural community of Central Oregon much to consider, things to pursue and lessons learned as we move forward with the goal of working towards our plight to end homeless in our communities. View Dr. Somers’ Presentation Slides.

    Dr. David Bangsberg, Dean of OHSU-PSU’s new School of Public Health introduced himself to our Central Oregon community and presented the collaboration between these two institutions. This partnership opens up new opportunities for public health students to maintain their education within Oregon to fulfill their highest academic pursuits. We look forward to Dean Bangsberg’s future visits and the opportunities this new school brings for our local students.

    *Event was catered by Bend Pizza Kitchen

    September 20th, 2016 CORC Meeting

    It was a highly energized group with 26 attendees on September 20th, for the CORC General Membership meeting, here in our OHSU office (963 SW Simpson). Our Nutrition themed event gave an inside look at the innovative projects our community is developing.

    High Desert Food and Farm Alliance presented their organizations mission, current achievements and how they plan to expand their programs throughout Central Oregon. HDFFA explained the importance of evaluating their programs to ensure success during the expansion process and to secure further funding opportunities.

    Bend La Pine School District’s Wellness Specialist, Katrina Wiest presented during the “Project Exposed” segment. She shared so many details from serving over 17,000 meals every day,  forming relationships with Oregon farmers and ranchers  (Farm to School Program),  to deliver the freshest ingredients to the students while supporting Oregon’s economy.

    Introductions to our new CORC Steering Committee members was another highlight of the evening. They  are now listed on the CORC website, along with the CORC Charter. We are all excited to see how this fantastic committee moves CORC and community research forward in Central Oregon.

    March 10th, 2016 CORC Meeting

    37 attended the the meeting at the OHSU Central Oregon Community Research Hub on  963 SW Simpson Suite 100

    Links to Handouts and Slides:

    Initial Finding for Community Assessment:  Erin has been meeting with community members all over Central Oregon for the past few months to better understand our region’s interests and resource needs in using data and research best practices to improve health and wellness.  We presented a few of the initial  results from 19 interviews at the CORC meeting on March 10th,  and in addition conducted a live poll during the meeting.

    Presentation Highlights:

    • Community Project Presentation: Doug Kelly, Redmond Fire & Rescue: COMMUNITY PARAMEDIC PROGRAM.  A Central Oregon project focused on reducing hospital admissions, emergency dept. visits and ambulance costs.
    • CORC Activities: Community Assessment findings: building local capacity, ensuring relevance
    • New Funding Opportunities from Central Oregon Health Council
    • CORC structure and leadership: moving forward, establishing community priorities
    • Project Exposed! An Opportunity for Collaboration and Conversation
      Heather Johnson, Sisters High School, 10+ years of data on high school students in her pursuit of equipping students with tools for life.