Photos Credit: John R. Keys, Jr.

Central Oregon Research Coalition

Who We Are

    Central Oregon Research Coalition (CORC) is a community-university collaborative led by a tri-county steering committee. CORC identifies opportunities and partners that can benefit from research activities and supports best practices to improve health and well-being outcomes in the region. The Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Community Research Liaison, Laura Campbell, who lives and works in Central Oregon, and the OHSU Community Research Hub located in Bend, provide support and the backbone organization for CORC activities.


    • utilizes an OHSU funded Community Research Liaison that:
      -receives guidance on community priorities and strategy from the CORC Steering Committee
      -has  a key role in ongoing coordination, progress and communication of the coalition’s efforts; arranges CORC meetings and events
      -provides consultations, facilitates research and connections to expertise and services to assist community members plan and implement research projects
      -informs the community about funding opportunities, educational resources and workshops-Contact  Community Liaison Laura Campbell Email: or fill out out a CORC Project Assistance Request Form
    • helps identify and support existing research expertise in Central Oregon to connect partners locally and beyond the region
    • was developed and continues to be shaped by community leaders from health related fields who aim to improve the health of Central Oregonians

     Why are community-university partnerships so important?

    Community-university partnerships encourage the discovery of innovative solutions to challenging local health problems.  They help ensure that research questions, data and programs are driven by community identified needs and priorities, meet scientific standards and include evaluation to measure success.

    CORC Mission

    To improve the health and well-being of Central Oregonians through the development of partnerships that support data-driven decision making and research best practices.

    CORC Vision:

    Increase funding and opportunities for innovative research to improve health outcomes in Central Oregon.

    How does CORC measure impact?

    • An increase in health and education research dollars in Central Oregon
    • An increase in Central Oregon organizations using evidence-based practices to enhance healthcare quality and affordability