Photos Credit: John R. Keys, Jr.

Central Oregon Research Coalition

OHSU Support

    CORC was developed on the expressed research and evaluation needs of Central Oregon community partners in physical and behavioral health and the biosciences.  Community stakeholders continue to shape the direction of CORC and serve on leadership committees to guide the priorities and direction of the organization.

    Four individuals in the Central Oregon OHSU office serve key roles in development and the everyday operation of CORC.

    Jackie Shannon, PhD, RD

    JackieDr. Shannon joined OHSU in 2000 and is a nutritional epidemiologist with a strong track record of investigation in the role of diet and nutrition in carcinogenesis. Dr. Shannon has also worked to make research accessible to the public through her role as co-creator and leader of the award winning education and research program, Let’s Get Healthy! Over the past three years, Dr. Shannon has increased her work in building the structures to support sustained research in the community. She has worked closely with community and academic partners in the development of the Central Oregon Research Coalition and the North Coast Research Coalition; academic-community partnerships to implement innovative approaches for research training, pilot funding support, technical assistance and networking.  Dr. Shannon is also Director of the Integrated Program in Community Research, Co-Director of the Knight Cancer Institute Community Partnership Program and Cancer Prevention and Control Program and an Professor in OHSU/PSU School of Public Health.


    Paige Farris, MSW: Administrative Program Manager and lead for Human Subjects Protection team

    IMG_5794-PaigeMs. Farris is the Program Manager for the Integrated Program in Community Research, joining OHSU in 2004. She has over 10 years of experience protecting human subjects in research; managing clinical trials, co-writing grants, implementing research projects in both university and Veteran Hospital settings and managing budgets. Ms. Farris’ research interests focus on building community capacity for research in a few different ways; first, by conducting trainings in community settings with the goal of familiarizing individuals and research teams to the research process so community researchers can begin their own research studies more quickly, efficiently and ethically. She also conducts trainings around the use of Evidence-Based Approaches and the importance of protecting human subjects participating in research. Secondly, by working closely with community researchers, Ms. Farris is interested in providing technical assistance to community researchers in the design of research projects; assuring project outcomes are – sometimes creatively – met based on novel data collection tools or recruitment techniques (i.e.: Let’s Get Healthy!). She has a commitment to improving health policy through research and values collaboration and research partnerships in order to improve healthcare for all people.

    Kim Brown, MBA: Community Research Program Manager & Strategist, OHSU Community Research Hub


    Kim joined OHSU in 2015 as the Program Manager and Strategist for the Integrated Program in Community Research. She is oversees the activities of the community liaisons across Oregon, and responsible for developing research coalition infrastructure and communication strategies, and the planning, reporting and evaluation activities of the Integrated Program.  She also helps develop strategies that align and leverage current OHSU programs, institutes and researchers involved in community engaged research.  Before her current role, she was a project manager with expertise in EHR software and health information technology, and was responsible for developing workflow processes in healthcare to meet CMS program criteria. She worked in development at Volunteers in Medicine in Bend, a private, non-profit organization that serves the medically uninsured in Central Oregon.